SeriesAIKa Zero
Original AirdateJuly 5, 2009
Next EpisodeAgent Aika
This direct sequel to AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission  consists of three episodes. This feature new characters and old/returning characters (Neena and her brother).Their Opening and Ending are FLYING KID and Dream Hunter.

Title card.


Each episode deals with Aika mysterious power "Zero".

Howaitonaitsu 「ホワイトナイツ」 2009-07-05 Premiere date on TV. 2009-08-25 OVA release on DVD & BD

E.T.A.I. 「E.T.A.I.」

Zero 「ゼロ」


  • E.T.A.I.: Mysterious girl with some connection to aliens. Acts as Miyu's bodyguard.
  • Karen Minamino: Works at a maid cafe. Has little to no concept of personal space.
  • Eri Shinkai:Tagging along for the adventure and provider of equipment.
  • Neena:Attending the school under her brothers orders.


  • This is the only season of Agent Aika which includes full bath scenes. This is also the only season which includes intentional jiggling breasts, as shown in the bath scenes, Eri's breasts will constantly jiggle, and a sound effect plays when they do.


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