Debut The Golden Delmo Operation
Appears in Agent Aika
Gender Female
Affilation Delmo Corps Golden Delmos
Current Status Presumably Alive (Last seen unconscious)

Bianca (ビアンカ) is the Leader of the Golden Delmos alongside Rie PetoriyacowaSania, and Tonia. An antagonist in the Second Half of Agent AIKa, She is voiced by Minami Takayama, and Wendy Talker in the English Dub.

Appearance Edit

She is a girl of medium height with ample breasts and red hair. Her Golden Delmo Uniform has Black Lines to differentiate her. Bianca wears Golden Earrings. During Trial 5 she dons a Black Tee with a White Skirt.

Background Edit

Bianca is first seen in a flashback with Valerie (Bianca was a Blue Delmo then) mourning the loss of a fellow Blue Delmo during the events of A Flower Blooming in Space. Unlike the others she seeks out Aika for revenge. She eventually confronts Aika but ends up knocked out. She later appears alongside the other Golden Delmos, having believed that Aika is deceased Bianca and the Golden Delmos, prepare to finish off Aika's friends. Suddenly Aika appears in her Shivie Form, briefly scattering Bianca and the rest of the Golden Delmos. Regrouping, they charge at Aika for a final battle. Bianca uses a wrist-mounted flamethrower against Aika. But Aika dashes through the flames and brutally kicks Bianca in the neck. She passes out but not before she sheds tears over her failure.


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