Senior Class Bikini Squad
Debut Peach Peach Beach
Appears in AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission
Gender Female
Age 19
Risako Nagisa,The Treasure Hunting Club

A bunch of senior students under the control of Risako Nagisa While Aika and Eri Shinkai distracted by Midori, Aki, and Kyoko Risako has more student as backup to keep Aika and Eri at bay. They attacked at an distance but soon charged in when their cover was blown.

Green HairEdit

She' the first to attack but misses. Once all her friends, except Karate Girl, have been knocked out she becames scared and hesitates to take Aika on. However, it's not long before Aika hastily closes the distance between them, jumps on top of her shoulders and knock her out with a brutal frankenstiner.

Karate GirlEdit

The only one that doesn't use a weapon. As she shows off her skills, she is hit by a golf club in the head before she can even start.

Sniper GirlEdit

The girl that used a tranquilliser rifle to take out the girls at the party including Eri Shinkai. Gust is used to lure her out, and she is shot by Aika. Her unconscious body slumps over a rock behind which she was hiding, exposing her butt.

Blue bikiniEdit

She tries to ambush Aika from behind, but she easily blocks her attack and quickly shoots her between her exposed breasts.

Lavender bikiniEdit

A big breasted girl that tries to use her prod to hit Aika. However, Aika grabs the prod, hits her with an elbow to the face, kicks her right between the breasts and finally finishes her off with a shot, which sends her flying backwards.

Two Piece BlueEdit

With a cerulean bikini she charges at Aika but is distracted by Lavenders prod being thrown at her. Aika then jumps and shots her, knocking her out.

Red Bikini girlEdit

Teams up with white two piece. She jumps in the air to stomp on Aika but misses. She then tries to sneak behind Aika but Karen hits her with an orange square in the forehead, allowing Aika to take advantage and beat her with a quick succesion of blows to the face. She falls to the gound with her legs wide spread and barely conscious, but still makes an attemp to get up before being hit in the head by another orange. She then finally crumbles, knocked out for good.

White Two PieceEdit

When Aika was distracted she tried to use a suplex move but as she was doing it, she got knocked out by a sea shell thrown to her face by Karen with a gold club. She then hits the floor head first, hitting her neck, and with her legs slumping over her face and breasts, being left in a fairly awkward position.


The knocked out girls are laid out in the storeroom along with the bodies of Midori, Aki, and Kyoko, the upper parts of their bathing suits removed, and both their hands and legs tied.