Senior Class Bikini squad
Debut Peach Peach Beach
Appears in AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission
Gender Female
Age 19
Risako Nagisa,The Treasure Hunting Club

A bunch of senior students under the control of Risako Nagisa While Aika and Eri Shinkai distracted by Midori, Aki, and Kyoko Risako has more student as backup to keep Aika and Eri at bay. They attacked at an distance but soon charged in when their cover was blown.

Green HairEdit

She' the first to attack but misses, when her friends are knocked out she hesitated to take her on but tries Aika jumps on top of her and use a frankenstiner.

Karate GirlEdit

The only one that doesn't use weapon as she shows off her skills she is hit by a golf club before she starts.

Sniper GirlEdit

The girl that used a tranquilliser rifle to take out the girls at the party including Eri Shinkai. Gust is used to lure her out, and she is shot by Aika.

Blue bikiniEdit

She tries to ambush Aika but is quickly shot by Aika.

Lavender bikiniEdit

A big breasted girl that tries to use her prod to hit Aika but, Aika grabs the prod, hits her, kicked her and shoots which knocks out lavender..

Two Piece BlueEdit

With a cerulean bikini she charges at Aika but is distracted by Lavenders rod throw at her Aika jumps and shots knocking her out.

Red Bikini girlEdit

Teams up with white two piece she jumps in the air to stomp on Aika but she misses, she tries to sneak behinds Aika but Karen hit her with an orange Aika take advantage and attacks her to the ground.

White Two PieceEdit

When Aika was distracted she tries to use a suplex move but as she doing it she is knocked out by Karen.


The knocked out girls are laid out in the storeroom along with the bodies of Midori, Aki, and Kyoko.

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