Gozo Aida
Aida Gozo
Debut Aika Zero
Appears in AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission,Agent Aika,Aika Zero
Gender Male
Age 51
Karen Minamino,Aika Sumeragi

Gozo Aida (相田郷造) was an active industrial spy, but rode on the chance of the catastrophic earthquake and entered the salvager business, setting up K2 Corporation, a Salvaging operation. He is Rion's father. He prefers to hold onto the old ways (cheapest price for the best service) and principles of doing business, which does little good to the business. His past with Aika goes far back.


Gozo using the "Drunken Fist".

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Akio Ootsuka (Japanese)
  • David Rankin (English)


  • He is 51 years old during the duration of the original Agent Aika

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