Hamlet Actresses

The Lead Actress

Debut White Knights (episode)
Appears in Aika Zero
Gender Female
Age 18
Affilation White Knights

A group of fighters similar to Black Delmos who appear in AIKa Zero with little bearing on the central plot. They work under the White Knights. Under the orders of the student council, they try to recruit Aika and Karen. They fight using swords.

Leading ActressEdit

She is first reciting a line from the Shakespearean book She was playing the role of Hamlet but was beaten by Aika, who was asking why they were attacking her. She wanted to be a member of the White Knights Her role is similar to Black Delmo Leader.

At first she attacks Aika but misses and trips, falling to the ground where she remains dazed and confused for a long time. While she recovers, all the other girls fight and are knocked out by Aika. When she is the last one remaining she tries again, but Aika jumps clear into the air over her and lands behind her. Aika quickly disarms her and restrains her arms behind her back before trying to question her. She refuses to answer any questions, so Aika is given no choice but to prevent her from informing her superiors.

Aika delivers a chop to the back of the helpless girl's neck, causing her to gasp. The blow causes her to arch her back, rising up on her toes up and thrusting her ass out to make her skirt flip up, fully exposing her panties in the process. She freezes briefly in this pose with her eyes wide open and mouth gaping. She then releases a moan and drools as her face blushes furiously, and she falls forward onto the floor with her ass up in the air. Aika contemplates her in this rather unladylike position for some seconds, while pondering over what to do with her and her friends' unconscious bodies.

Aika then steals her clothes and puts her in the black school uniform she was wearing before carrying her to the Church, where she is used as a decoy to fool the White Knights Trio.

Voiced by Yu Kobayashi

Marcellas ActressEdit

She was the first to get ko'd. Voiced by Miho Itou

The Others Edit

They attacked Aika in groups of three. The first was kicked in the stomach. The next two were hit by chops to the back of the neck. The next three were hit by a kick to the back of the neck, then an elbow and kick to the stomach.

The first girl was KO'd instantly, falling forward onto her face. Then the pair of girls after her lingered on their feet for a couple seconds before blushing and moaning as they collapsed to the floor on their sides.

The following three girls were then subjected to possibly the most absurdly artificial-looking KO scene ever. The girls remained conscious for an extended period of time after being struck. They actually walked into the center of the room and stood next to each other with confused looks for a few moments. Then all of a sudden they blushed and moaned one after the other as they collapsed to the floor, all of their bodies perfectly arranged so that their asses pointed in the same direction. They all moved to the same spot in the room just so that they would fall together with all of their panties exposed in the same shot.

After being defeated, they were laid out on the floor face down with their legs spread apart while Karen checked under their skirts and felt up their bodies. Karen did this to find which ones had properly fitting clothes for her and Aika.


They only appear in the first OVA in the same roles as the Black Delmos.

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