Being a relatively obscure ecchi Anime, Agent Aika and its spinoffs have generated relatively little in the way of fanfiction. Nonetheless, there are a handful of them, listed below. Although the number is small (small enough to be listed here, of course) please add onto this list whenever a new one appears

  • Rion's First Stand: An action sequence depicting Aika and Rion under fire from Delmo machine guns, it portrays Rion's first active participation in combat, at least as far as firearms are concerned.
  • CWF: Aika vs Neena: Depicts a violent wrestling match between Aika and Neena. Highly sexual.
  • After Delmogeny: Rie's Story: (In progress) Multi-chapter fanfic that looks at Rie Petoriyacowa's life after the events in Trial 7, fleshes her out as a character in general. Warning: somewhat dark.
  • Revenge of the Delmos: Details Aika Sumeragi hunting down Delmo Corps, Takes place after the events of Trial 7 (Only 3 Stories were Published).

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