Midori, Aki, and Kyoko

ミドリ, アキ, キョーコ
Midori Aki & Kyoko
Debut Secret Game
Appears in AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission
Gender Female
Age 19
Affilation Eri Shinkai.
The Treasure Hunting Club
Current Status Deceased

Eri Shinkai's top three members of the Treasure Hunting Club before she met Aika Sumeragi and Karen Minamino. They were knocked out and captured by Risako and implanted with mind control chips in Secret Game, but were later defeated by Aika.

Despite supposedly being Eri's friends, the harsh tratment they receive, both while being knocked out and later in the handling of their unconscious bodies, doesn't show much care for their welfare or dignity. Eri also doesn't seem at all affected by her friends' fate, even though it's mostly his fault they ended like they did.


Blond haired member. She was captured and brainwashed by her teacher. She attacked Aika, but was shot in the breasts and knocked out, her body slumping over a couch after some seconds of trembling, legs spread wide and ass sticking out, with the short skirt of her uniform hiked up to waist level to fully expose her panties.

The camera pans extensively over her unconsious body, offering many different views. We can see her face is blushed furiosly and a line of drool emerges from her wide open mouth.

Aika marvelled at the view

Voiced by: Nozomi Masu (Japanese), Jennifer Alyx (English),


Violet haired member. She was captured and brainwashed by her teacher, and attacked Aika alongside Midori. Aika managed to disarm her, however, and knocked her out with a knee to the solar plexus followed by an elbow to the back.

She initially lands on her side, with her skirt hiked up, exposing her butt. However, when we next see her Eri has moved her body. She now lies face down, completely flat, with her leg spread as her friend examines her. The skirt remains hiked up, however, no attemps made to protect the defeated girl's dignity.

Voiced by: Kayo Sakata (Japanese), Laura Post (English)


Out of the three she has the most screen-time. She was knocked out after she found her friends passed out in the bathroom. She then proceeded to knock out the rest of the members. As her teacher was getting away with Karen, the Captain shot a life ring off a wall which fell on her head, hitting her neck and knocking her out.

She lands with her face down and her ass up, her skirt hiked up to waist level by the spreading of her legs. She lies like this till she is picked up by Gust and taken to the medical bay.

Voiced by: Mai Gotou (Japanese), Michelle Ann Dunphy (English)


That girl with the glasses.


They all appeared throughout the series except Deep Blue Girl where they were sent back home to recover. In the second episode, however, they were only shown unconscious while being examined in the medical bay.