Mina Etsuko
Mina Etsuko
ニナ エスコ
Mina Etsuko
Debut Naked Mission
Appears in Agent Aika
Gender Female
Affilation Delmo Corps White Delmos
Mina Etsuko (ニナ エスコ) is one of the White Delmos. During the events of Silver Wild Grapevine she poses as the commander of an airbase to trick Aika Sumeragi. She is voiced by Akemi Okamura .

Appearance Edit

A woman with short black hair and light blue eyes. During the events of Silver Wild Grapevine she wears civilian clothes with a similar motif to her uniform.


She is seen solely operating the ship in the first half of Agent AIKa. Later during the events of Silver Wild Grapevine she passes herself off as the commander of an air base, only to end up being knocked out by Aika during the altercation with the Commander and the Adjutant. She is seen one final time at the round table when Tonia and Sania are being briefed during the events of Trial 7.

Defeat Edit

After the Adjutant is defeated, she tries to hit the distracted Aika with a tranquilizer dart, but fails. She then goes into a panic for her failure and at the prospect of what's to come, screaming as Aika gets closer. She is grabbed by her off screen and then given a backbreaker. Surprisingly, she somehow manages to remain conscious and beg the Commander for help, but before the latter can do anything to help, Aika finishes her with an elbow strike to the stomach. She then slumps over Aika's knee, her head bent backwards and legs spread. The job finished, Aika then proceeds to throw her unconscious body to the floor.

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