Neena Hagen
Agent Aika1 12

Nina Haggen
Debut Aika Zero
Appears in Agent Aika
Gender Female
Age 28 (Agent Aika Series)
24 (Agent Aika Zero)
Affilation Delmo Corps Rudolf Hagen
Current Status Deceased (Agent Aika Series)
Alive (Agent Aika Zero)

Neena Hagen is a test tube baby like Rudolf Hagen. It is unknown if she is the blood sister of Rudolf. Nevertheless, she respects and loves Rudolf dearly to a level beyond siblings, and dislikes Aika Sumeragi for "seducing" her brother. A sadistic character and unstable mood, she walks around in her bare essentials and makes sure the black Delmo are punished for failure.


Her main appearance is rather plain, with pink curly hair, a black bra, black panties, and a white lab coat. Near the end of the series, she receives a pair of red panties from Rudolf, infused with ultranate, which she walks around in for the rest of the series, leaving her breasts exposed.

Shivie NeenaEdit

She later receives from Rudolf an Alternate (Ultranate) Metal panty which allows her to transform to a powered-up form "Shivie Neena" (opposite of Aika's bra). She had similar power to Aika but was out of control and the went mad with power. However, the device fusing into her soon runs out of control, and she becomes a hideous monster. In this form, she embraces and kills her brother and flees into space cradling his corpse. Her ultimate fate is unknown. Her appearance is also in reverse with Pale skin, symmetrical look, and red appendages.


When her super form backfired on her she cried for her brothers help. When she saw Aika she lunged at Rudolf taking him with her as he was dying.

AIKa ZeroEdit

She returns (or first appears) in AIKa Zero spying on the main antagonist Miyu Shiratori.

When Miyu's plan fails and E.T.A.I. is knocked out, Neena enters the room and knocks her out and takes her to her brother.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Atsuko Tanaka (Japanese)
  • Suzanne Savoy (English)
  • Suzy Prue (English, episodes 3–4)


  • She is 28 during the duration of the original Agent Aika.