Pink Delmos
Delmo 207

Pink Delmos
Debut Beautiful Agent
Appears in Agent Aika
Gender Female
Affilation Delmo Corps Rudolf Hagen

Pink Delmos (ピンクデルモ) Mechanics and engineers also seen operating heavy weapons, from tanks to battleship guns. The leader of this unit is Suzie.

Appearance Edit

The Pink Delmo uniform consists of a skintight pink one piece dress with white and red around the neck, waist,  wrists, and a yellow ribbon. The Uniform also has a pink hat and light pink heels. The leader of this unit: Suzie, dons a pair of round green earrings.


Mostly a support unit - responsible for maintenance. As well as aiming, loading of ammunition, driving tanks, etc. Because of this fact they are rarely seen throughout the series. AIKa's group only encounters them during Trial 5. Notable Pink Delmos include:

  • Suzie (スージ) The Leader of the Pink Delmos sports short brunette hair and round green earrings, Appears in the beginning of the series working as a Tour Guide.

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