Rin Shiragiku
Debut Aika Zero
Appears in Aika Zero
Gender Female
Age 18
Affilation Kana Shiraishi White Knights

A member of the White knights often seen with Kana Shiraishi. While they seem to be best of friends she abandons Kana when Aika Sumeragi shot though Kana's shield, which was protecting them both. Rin then attempts to launch a sneak attack on Aika, but Aika counters it and knocks her out in a single blow. Her butt is later used as a password to get to Miyu Shiratori and E.T.A.I.


Like Kana she has Alien Tendrils in her body that she uses as weapons.


Rin has a slim body and an average height at around 5' 4" with Green hair and big boobs.

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