Risako Nagisa
Risako Nagisa
Debut Secret Game
Appears in AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission,Aika Zero
Gender Female
Age 26
Affilation Unkown
Karen Minamino
A teacher of the school Aika attends who first appears in AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission. She is also the advisor of Treasure Hunting Club. She turns out to be an enemy, having controlled three of the students with electronic devices to attack Aika and Eri and also tried to take Karen away. Her true identity is an agent from a mysterious organization sent to observe Karen.

AIKa ZeroEdit

She returns as a teacher to help Aika and watch over Karen.


In R-16, she has multiple outfits. When not in school, where she dresses relatively conservative, she prefers skimpy ones. Similar to Neena Hagen. While in Zero, she wears a lab coat due to her undercover role as a school nurse.


She has combat skill comparable to Adult Aika Sumeragi to the point where she was only taken down due to Karen Minamino's interference.

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