Debut Beautiful Agent
Appears in Agent Aika
Gender Female
Affilation Pink Delmos Delmo Corps

Suzie (スージ) is the leader of the Pink Delmos. She is voiced by Wakana Yamazaki and Rachael Lillis in English Dub.

Appearance Edit

Suzie has short Brown Hair and Hazel Eyes. She is distinguishable by a pair of round green earrings. Alongside her Pink Delmo Uniform, Suzie dons a Tour Guide outfit consisting of a Pink Jacket. a White Undershirt with a Yellow Ribbon, a Blue Skirt, and Black High Heels. Lastly in the Ending for Trial 3 she appears in a Pink Bunny Suit alongside the Black Delmo Leader.


She initially appears working as a Tour Guide in Beautiful Agent. She appears a few more times during the first half of AIKa. Her final appearance sees her in Trial 5: She drives a tank alongside Golden Delmo Leader Bianca. At one point Bianca exits the tank to confirm Aika's demise, Aika then attacks Bianca, and in the meantime Gozo Aida knocks Suzie out, This is the last time she is seen throughout the series.


Screenshots and GIFs Edit

Official Artwork Edit

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