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Images and censorshipEdit

A lot of images have been removed, but there ar ered broken links everwhere. If you are going to remove images then remove the link to them. This makes the pages look sloppy. As for the reson for most I know of a wikia that had the same type of content, but they hide it, but the user can still look. I think the soluion is to mave a warning when soemone enters this site like other similar Ecchi anime have. I know that the content is ecchi but that the point and there are other wikia pages that have somilar theme so it's possible to have these images without worry.


I just added some pics and I think this


wouls work well as a background

I also made a logo.

Starblackman (talk) 21:54, January 2, 2013 (UTC)Starblackman

Hey all Aika fans! Edit

Hey all Aika fans, I have some questions to ask to better get to know everyone here!

So, Agent Aika, Aika R-16, or Aika Zero, which one is you're favorite series? Mine is Aika Zero

Favorite character? Mine would have to be Karen

Favorite means of knocking someone out? I like the tranquilizer gun, with the alien tendrils being a close second :)

Favorite fight? Aika vs. E.T.A.I. and Miyu

Favorite Picture? Here's mine from Aika R-16

File:Darted girls examining table.jpg

Chloroformist 22:56, November 28, 2010 (UTC) The Chloroformist

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