Debut The Golden Delmo Operation
Appears in Agent Aika
Gender Female
Affilation Delmo Corps Golden Delmos
Current Status Presumably Alive (last seen unconscious)
Tonia (トニア) is one of the Golden Delmos alongside BiancaSania, and Rie Petoriyacowa. An antagonist in the Second Half of Agent AIKa, She is voiced by Miki Nagasawa .


Tonia has Silver Hair which she adorns with a Blue Ribbon, She has Green Lines along her Golden Delmo Uniform to differentiate her. Also she uses steel claws as her weapons.


Tonia and Sania are first seen planning an assault on the K-2 Corporation Building. She confronts Aika Sumeragi in the dark and manages to confront her long enough for Sania's bombs to blow up the building, Tonia then jumps out the window and lands in a car driven by Sania. She later appears alongside the other Golden Delmos, having believed that Aika is deceased Tonia and the Golden Delmos, prepare to finish off Aika's friends. Suddenly Aika appears in her Shivie Form, briefly scattering Tonia and the rest of the Golden Delmos. Regrouping, they charge at Aika for a final battle. Tonia lunges at Aika but is kicked in the head and falls to the ground.

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