Model 1

Aika's primary weapon. It fires darts that are used to render victims unconscious. In Agent Aika, the darts were red, in the Aika Prequels, the darts are golden.

Model 1Edit

These are used in the original Agent Aika series. Although it canonically comes second (timeline-wise), this is the first one we see. The darts that we see are short and red. Like the other two series, we often see the tranquilizer gun fire, but do not see the darts on the unconscious body. These darts do take quick effect, leaving the women unconscious within three seconds of impact.

Model 2Edit

Model 2 is used in Aika R-16 and Aika Zero. It resembles a gun more closely than the Model 1. In Agent Aika, the tranquilizer gun was used exclusively by Aika. In Aika R-16 and Aika Zero, the tranquilizer gun is used by most of the main characters. As we see in all of the Aika series, the darts are usually not visible. We know someone has been hit by a dart when we hear a gun shot, the victim jerks, and falls unconscious. We are unsure of how long the tranquilizer darts work for, In Aika R-16, they were effective for long periods of time, but in Aika Zero, Risako gets shot and is only under for a few hours.

Model 2

Agent Aika VictimsEdit

The Tranquilizer gun is not used extensively in Agent Aika, more preferred are physical ko's.

Aika R-16 VictimsEdit

The Tranquilizer Gun is the preferred KO weapon in Aika R-16.

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