I know this is not how the delmos act but I wanted to do something a bit different 

Random Delmo (talk) 13:27, September 29, 2015 (UTC)

Daria looked over the side of the tank, inspecting to see if it was still functional. She was told to inspect all the equipment the delmo corp has before she helps the rest load them on the plane to bring it to their new base. Daria let out a small sigh beofre leaning against the side of the tank. “This is boring,” she moaned, “couldn’t they give me a more interesting job.” Daira started to walk around and explore a bit of the artillery around her. Several missile launchers, tanks and an assortment of vehicles lay scattered in the large storage space the corp has. 

Daria was a pink delmo with long flowing black hair and big black innocent eyes. She was wearing the standard pink delmo uniform, a skintight pink one piece dress with a low neckline that shows the shape of her cleavage and which doesn't cover the her panties. Although the standard delmo uniform consist of white panties, Daria decided to trade them for bright pink panties with a red ribbon on the front. On her slim legs she wore a pair of stockings and pink heels. Being a pink delmo, she was in charge of maintenance of the corps weapon and artillery, but this was beginning to bore her. She wanted a change of pace, she wanted to do more. 

“Daira!” she heard someone call from the back of the room, it was her friend, Yui, another member of the pink delmos. She ran towards her, her heels rapidly clicking in the garage’s metal floor. Yui and Daria chatted a bit, with Yui making several overly happy and giddy remarks about anything which caused her to jump up and down and give Daria a clear view of her white panties. The two sat down on the side of the tank, Yui crossing and uncrossing her legs frantically while she spoke while Daria had hers spread apart, graciously revealing her hot pink panties to the world. Daria giggled lightly a bit at her friends childishness before they heard a small beep on the radio.

“Attention all pink delmos. Prepare to load the carriers with the artillery pieces.”

“That’s our cue Yui. Lets go load the artillery.” Daria said as she motioned to the tank.

“Sure!” Yui said smiling, uncrossing her legs and flashing her cotton panties once more.

Random Delmo (talk)

An hour later, they had finished loading the plane and were now siting in one of the planes seats. Daria, Yui and six other pink delmos where lounging around, waiting for the signal for them to fly off into their new base. A few minutes later, one of the delmo commanders approached them.

“Commander on board!” One of the pink delmos sat up in her chair and announced. Entering the ship was the black delmo commander, a girl with short purple hair with her black skintight dress and visible white panties with lock socks that reached her thighs.

All the girls in the plane sat on their chairs facing their commander.

“Salut!” The pink delmo girl announced.

The pink delmos all crossed their legs, right leg over left leg at the commander. Making sure that the act of crossing it was large enough to flash a bit of their panties. 

“Listen up!” the black delmo commander ordered, “This ship will transport all necessary  artillery to the new base. I want each and every one of you to make sure the equipment is well maintained until this plane arrives at its destination! Are we clear!”

“Yes!” the girls chorused.

“Good! Then,” she gave a sly smile, “At ease, ladies.” At the word all delmos uncrossed their legs, “Oh and beofre we leave, ladies, give me a good faint.” The delmo corp has changed a bit since the white delmos took charge of the corp. Crossing legs and fainting became the new salute to ay superior officer, in tribute to all the times they were defeated by Aika and were each left in these embarrassing positions where their panties were always exposed. While no one will admit, the delmos did not mind their panties showing, or fainting, in fact they might be enjoying it. Fainting now became a part of their training, to fake faint convincingly and to make sure to always faint in positions where their panties are always shown.

At the command several moans are heard and eyes started rolling as the pink delmos fainted in several positions that shows their cotton panties. Some delmos fainted on their seats, mouth agape and legs spread wide to show their panties, others slumped to the floor, first falling on their knees before bowing down and leaving their pert asses in the air. Yui slumped over the arm of her chair. Daria tried to do something different and fainted into the arms of the black delmo commander, who carried her. “Very good,” she said, looking at all the unconscious delmos and their panties.

13:27, September 29, 2015 (UTC)

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