I don't know if anyone wonders... But why does Aika Zero have a lot of upskirt shots? Here's what I think... The reason for this, other than the delmos love to expose themselves, is that there is a tactical advantage to it.

I mean think about it. When a guy sees the panties of a girl then obviously they will stare at it, making their reaction time slower.

5 black delmo girls were running through the alley near the hotel Aika was staying at. Their mission was to take something back from Aika, a small file that Rion took of Aika which could help the delmos devise a plan to beat her once and for all. The problem was they were spotted easily, not because they were wearing their standard black delmo uniform, they were actually wearing undercover clothing, but that was just as revealing. The girls all wore mini-skirts that reveal the tip of their white panties and tight shirts that showed the shape of their cleavage. They were immediately recognized by the security, Aika probably told them about the delmo fashion, and they started a small gunfight. The delmos had were crouching as they fired at the guards and as they crouched they made sure that the legs were spread wide to flash their panties at the guards. One of the delmos noticed that the guards' firing rate and reaction time slowed a bit and proceeded to devise a plan...

The 5 girls rounded a corner that lead into an alleyway, the leader told the plan to the delmos, who agreed to do it and proceed to execute it.

"Lizza bend over," the leader commanded one of the younger delmos as she raised her tranquiliser gun, Lizza then bent over, her skirt hiking up and her white panties in sight, "This may hurt a bit but please hang in there a bit."

"Yes, Ma'am" the commander pulled the trigger and shot a dart at Lizza's left butt. Lizza could already feel the numbness coursing through her, she noticed that her vision was starting to blur and that the world was vaguely tilting to one side. Her eyes started going unfocused and she drooled a little,"A-A..A-Ahhhhh...." she moaned as she fell backwards, her legs spread in front of her to show her panties to the oncoming guards, just as the commander told her.

By the time the guards arrived Lizza was semi-concious. One of the guards gave a wicked smile as he approached the girl, staring at her white panties the whole time. Then the remaining 4 girls jumped at shot the four guards in the back. As the guards collapsed all the girls could do as cheer as Lizza fainted, skirt hiking up all the way to fully expose her panties and rode up her waist to reveal her belly.


On the other hand, if a girl, Aika, sees it then she wont be affected as much since well she is a girl and may not care as much about it as guys. This could be why the delmos or the white knights are easily defeated by her.

Aika chased the 5 girls into the corner of the room. She heard the bullet go off and saw her team collapse to the ground. Aika was furious, how could those delmos do that! she thought, she followed the sound of the gunshot and found the delmos leaving the alley through the street behind it. She pulled out her tranquiliser and taser and ran at them.


"Alright girls, Lets go!" The commander said as she carried the unconscious delmo into her arms. She didn't have time to turn before she heard the first gunshot. Alarmed, she turned and saw Aika leveling her gun at them, smoke rising from the barrel as a tranquiliser founds its way to the breast of the nearest two delmos, they both staggered a bit before letting out a soft moan and fainted with their pert butts up, showing their panties to the world. In a split second later Aika grabbed the next one and slammed her into her on her lap, the delmo gasped before slumping,"R-Run..." she said before Aika tasered her, the delmo screamed before she fainted, legs spread wide.

The commander tried to run but Aika already shot the next dart into her left thigh, causing her to collapse and drop Lizza. Aika slowly walked over and grabbed Lizza, who then was starting to regain consciousness, by the shoulders and lifted her to face her. Lizza realized who she was looking at and her eyes went wide with fear before Aika sent a neck chop to her and she drifted back into unconsciousness. Aika menacingly walked towards the commander, who was dragging herself into a corner, eyes wide with fear, "P-Please... D-Don-" Aika's was twirling her taser and cut her off saying, "Why should I?" the commander did the only thing she could do, spread her legs wide and flash her panties, Aika scoffed at that, "Not going to work, delmo!" Aika lunged forward with her taser and zapped the commander in the belly, she started squirming, legs kicking out, struggling to fight the oncoming unconsciousness and the pain she felt, "A-Ahhh... N-Nooo.. A-Ah... St-Sto-Mmm..." she screamed before fainting.


Does it make sense?

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