White Knights

Debut White Knights (episode)
Appears in Aika Zero
Gender Female
Age Various
Affilation Miyu Shiratori and E.T.A.I.
Treasure Hunting Club.

A group of elite fighters under Miyu Shiratori.

AIKa ZeroEdit

Before being abducted, the White Knights were all well-performing students in their high school, both intelligent and athletic. However, after being penetrated and impregnated with the Alien Tendrils, they gain further enhanced physical capabilities and begin to support Miyu and E T A I's cause.


When E.T.A.I. impregnates them with Alien Tendrils they gain powers. In combat, they exhibit the following:

  • High agility
  • Heightened physical strength
  • Control of Alien Tendrils (limited only to Kana, Rin, Miyu and ETAI)


Each member joined willingly to be with Miyu and gain powers similar to her.


Despite their abilities, all of the girls are eventually defeated in combat by Aika. Their are later captured and draped over a metal slab. Miyu and ETAI, on the other hand, are taken by Neena and Rudolf Hagen. They are then stripped naked and laid on laboratory tables for inspection.

White Knights TrioEdit

The three White Knight girls are the first to be Beaten by Aika. After initially fooling them with the of the Hamlet actresses' leader, they are quickly overpowered by Aika and defeated.

Misumi Edit

Engages Karen and Risako in combat. She overpowers Karen easily, but Risako intervenes shortly after. After a brief fight, she is shot and tranqued by Risako.

Reiko and Manami Edit

Both of them fight Aika alongside each other after she enters the basement area. They initially prove to be a fair challenge for Aika, but she quickly manages to counter their attacks and defeat them.

Kana ShiraishiEdit

Kana engages Aika along with Rin Shiragiku, and both of them are shown to be fairly skilled in the use of the Alien Tendrils in combat. However, they seem to pose little challenge to Aika, and Kana is Knocked after a flurry of Tranq rounds fired by Aika pepper her body.

Rin Shiragiku Edit

After Kana falls, Rin attempts to continue fighting Aika, but is knocked down and wounded. After Aika turns her back, Rin launches a stealthy attack on Aika, but Aika anticipates it and dodges, counter-attacking and knocking Rin out with a single blow.

E.T.A.I Edit

Possibly the most powerful White Knight, although not their founder. ETAI overpowers Aika easily and effortlessly with both her own physical strength and the Alien Tendrils. However, she attempts to shield Miyu Shiratori from her own attack that Aika had stopped and thrown back. She bends over and the spike plunges into her ass, passing all the way through her body and bursting from her mouth. She falls unconscious a few moments later on top of Miyu.

Miyu Shiratori Edit

Miyu is the most senior White Knight, and the last to be defeated. She fights Aika briefly in the chapel, and is initially overpowered and almost killed by Aika, but is saved by ETAI's sacrifice. Miyu is eventually shot in the head with a tranquilizer by Neena Hagen.


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